Memory Bead Keepsakes

Preserving life’s most cherished moments. Handcrafted flower inclusion rosaries, jewelry and keepsakesMade in Michigan, U.S.A.

All of our creations are hand crafted from the flowers you have chosen; any flower can be used, but roses do provide the most petals. The color of your beads will be determined by the color of the flowers selected. You may choose up to three flowers per item. If you prefer to have an item made with black, navy blue or deep green beads, this can be done with any color of flower. Black bead rosaries, chaplets, and key fobs are an ideal option for gentlemen.

Religious Items

Full Rosary FR1

The traditional rosary is crafted with a base metal crucifix and miraculous medal. It also features silver caps on each bead. Its color will be the same as the flower that is used to create it. If more than one color is selected, the colors will alternate within the decade, and the Pater beads will be marbled. For a more masculine feel the rosary can be made without the silver caps, or if black beads are preferred, please specify that with your order. *Rosaries can also be made with smaller beads and communion chalice center, simply request this on your order.

Rosary Bracelet RB1

This bracelet is crafted so the wearer can pray the rosary and wear their faith outwardly. It is made with a full decade, one Pater bead, and one Glory Be bead. It also includes a five-way medal and a miraculous medal. As with all of our jewelry, it is water-resistant, not waterproof, so it is recommended that you avoid getting it wet.

Chaplet C1

This is an abbreviated version of the full Catholic Rosary. It is crafted with fifteen beads, a five-way medal, and a miraculous medal center. As with the full rosary, up to three colors can be used in its creation.

Key Fob KF1

Ideal for the person on the go...Our key fob is crafted with three silver capped beads and a five-way medal. If more than one color flower is selected, please indicate preference for solid or marbled beads.

Pocket Rosary PR1

This pocket rosary is a one decade rosary you can carry in your pocket or purse. On one side is Jesus on the cross, and AVE MARIA on the Hail Mary beads. The other side is Our Lady of Grace with rose petals on the Hail Mary beads. Choose one color or a combination of flowers for a marbled effect of your Capture Bead center. Measures 1-5/8 inches (4.1 cm) in height. Silver oxidized finish, richly detailed, and made in Italy.

Keepsake Items

Twist Pen TP1

The twist pen is a high quality refillable ball point pen. The barrel is handcrafted with your flowers and can be made in a solid color or marbled with up to three colors. It is available with silver tone or gold tone hardware. Please specify upon ordering. Perfect keepsake for the person who doesn’t wear jewelry.

Secret Compartment Key Fob SCKF1

This clever key fob has a secret compartment for matches, toothpicks, or a little emergency cash. Crafted like the Twist Pen, it can be solid color or marbled. It is available with gold tone, or brushed silver hardware. Please specify when ordering.

Tie Tack TT1

The tie tack is wonderful way for a gentleman to preserve a memory. It can be one solid color or marbled with up to three colors. It is approximately 5/8” diameter.

Lincoln Money Clip LMC1

Perfect for your pocket, this silver-plated money clip grips bills tightly. The 1 1/4” Capture Bead center can be a solid color or marbled with up to three colors.

The Russell Letter Opener RLO1

Our deluxe letter opener is as practical as it is beautiful. The handle is handcrafted with your flowers and can be made in a solid color or marbled with up to three colors. 24K gold plated finish.

Judith Bookmark JBM1

This 5.75” sterling silver plated bookmark is the perfect gift for the reader in your life. Preserve your flowers in this lovely keepsake made with three Capture Beads and Swarovski crystals.

Mirrored Compact MC1

This elegant compact contains two mirrors, one “normal” mirror and one with 2X magnification. Available in silver or gold plated finish.

The Gloria Lanyard GL1

This beautiful lanyard will hold your glasses or ID tags in style. Features graduated sizes of captures beads and a hammered silver ring. The lanyard can also be made as a break-away with a magnetic clasp. Please indicate when ordering if you would like a clasp.

The Donald Pocket Stone (Worry Stone) PS1

The pocket stone is perfect for the person who doesn’t wear jewelry, but would like to keep a loved ones’ memory close at hand. It is lovingly handcrafted and can be one color, a combination of colors, or black. It has a smooth finish, is dished in the center, fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, and can be embossed with your loved ones’ initial. Please specify when ordering. Approx. 1-3/4” diameter.

Sun Catcher Ornaments

These beautiful sun catchers can be displayed year round. Choose from three different styles:

The George Sun Catcher GSC1

This ornament features five graduated beads with a heart-shaped Swarovski crystal dangling from the end.

The Mary Sun Catcher MSC1

This design includes four graduated capture beads interspersed with silver rose beads, ending with a heart-shaped Swarovski crystal.

The Snowflake Sun Catcher SSC1

Featuring Capture Beads in a limitless combination of colors from your special flowers, Swarovski crystals and silver rose beads, this beautiful ornament is the perfect addition to your collection.

Lapel Pins

Choose from four different styles:

The Dolores Pin DP1

This four petal filigree pin is the perfect complement to any outfit.

The Clara Pin CP1

This classic design can be worn with anything. Dress up a simple sweater or pin it to your suit and carry your memories with you.

The Caroline Pin CLP1

This gorgeous diamond shaped pin is shown with multiple flowers swirled together, creating a marbled look. It can also be made with a solid color. Please indicate preference when ordering.

The Josephine Pin JP1

This stylish pin is color blocked with three flower choices. Please indicate center color choice and accent colors when ordering.


***All of our bracelets are available with your choice of a toggle, or lobster clasp and can be made to fit any size wrist. Please specify when ordering. As with all of our products, they are water-resistant, not waterproof, please avoid prolonged exposure.

McKinley BMcK1

A funeral is any ceremony that offers an opportunity for family members and friends of the deceased to express love, respect, honor and grief for a loved one. Whether you choose traditional burial, cremation or green burial, a funeral offers the bereaved a place to celebrate life and take the first step towards healing.

Kennedy BK1

Fun and funky describes this bracelet to a tee. It combines three solid color beads in a clever and fashionable way. The girl who receives this bracelet is sure to treasure it for a lifetime.

Madisyn BMN1

Its elegant and timeless styling is sure to please the wearer of this bracelet. Two styles of beads connected by silver chains provide a delicate look upon the wrist. Choose up to three colors.

Alexandra BAX1

The bold style of the Alexandra is sure to make a statement with any outfit. Designed with twisted silver links and three sizes of beads, this bracelet can be made with up to three colors of capture beads.

Samantha BSM1

The unbroken circle is a symbol of love that has no beginning and no end. Nestled in the center of the circle is a capture bead, making this the perfect remembrance of your loved one.

Jane BJN1

This bracelet features Captures Beads and sparkling glass beads, available in pink, green, turquoise blue, or crystal clear. As with all of our designs, the Capture Bead color is determined by the color of your flowers and can be solid or marbled with up to three colors. Please indicate color preference for both the Capture Beads and the glass beads when ordering.

Capture Bead Contemporary Charm CC1 S, M, L, Sq, or D

These contemporary charms fit the widely popular charm bracelet systems. Whether you have an existing bracelet, or are just getting started, they are a perfect memento for all occasions. These charms are handcrafted with a sterling silver core, and can be one color or marbled with up to three colors. The round beads are available in three sizes, approx. 10, 12, and 14 millimeters, or choose a square bead, approx. 10 millimeters. Please indicate S, M, L, or Sq when ordering. Add our Dangle Charm (D) to your bracelet, featuring a capture bead suspended from a sterling silver ring. This bead is also a stopper to prevent your charms from falling off your bracelet when you take it off.

Capture Bead Traditional Charm TC1

This traditional charm attaches easily to any charm bracelet or necklace with its lobster clasp. It is approximately 9 millimeters and is a lovely keepsake for all occasions.

Necklaces and Pendants

***All of our pendants include a cord or chain, specified in the description.

McKinley A & B NMcK1 A or B

Both of these traditional style pendants incorporate varied size beads with silver balls in a drop fashion. Includes 18” cord. Please specify style upon ordering.

Kennedy NK1

Comprised of three sets of three solid color beads, it is the perfect complement to the Kennedy bracelet and earrings. Includes 18 chain.

Samantha NSM1

The unbroken circle is a symbol of love that has no beginning and no end. Nestled in the center of the circle is a capture bead, making this the perfect remembrance of your loved one. Includes 18” chain.

Madisyn NMN1

This elegant design can be crafted to grace the neck as a 16” choker up to a 40” long chain. The number of beads is determined by the length you specify upon ordering. Just like the matching bracelet, up to three colors can be used.

Janice Necklace - 31” Long NJN1

The asymmetrical design of the Janice necklace will compliment so many styles. Featuring two capture beads, one oblong and one round surrounded by hammered silver, flank the multiple chains set at vary­ing lengths. Finished off with a front close toggle clasp, this fabulous necklace measures 31 inches long.

Regan NRN1

This fashion forward pendant is simply stunning. It stacks a 1-5/8” disc on top of a 2-1/4“ disc. The two are joined together by an elegant silver bail. 18” cord included.

Alexandra NAX1

The bold style of the Alexandra is sure to make a statement with any outfit. Designed with twisted silver links and three sizes of beads, this 18” necklace can be made with up to three colors of capture beads.


***All of our earrings are available in clip-on, post, or french hook. Please specify when ordering.

McKinley A EMcK1 - A

You can’t go wrong with the traditional styling of a single bead ear bob flanked by tiny silver balls. It’s the perfect accessory for the McKinley bracelet and necklace.

McKinley B EMcK1 - B

These danglers are fresh and contemporary. The funky single bead is flanked by tiny silver balls and coordinates nicely with the McKinley necklace.

Kennedy EK1

Three solid color beads dangle playfully from the matter your age, these earrings say “fun”.

Madisyn EMN1

They’re elegant and timeless, just like the coordinating necklace and bracelet. She’ll enjoy these earrings for a lifetime.

Regan ERN1

These stylish earrings feature Capture Bead disks surrounded by ham­mered silver rings. Pairs nicely with the Regan Necklace.

Alexandra EAX1

Twisted silver links and a pair of capture beads make up these elegant earrings. Choose up to two color beads for this set.

Samantha ESM1

Complete your Samantha set with these gorgeous earrings. Dangling from the center of the unbroken circle is a capture bead that can be solid or marbled with up to three colors.