Cemetery Decorating Rules

For Cheyenne Memorial Gardens

Flowers and plants (both real and artificial) and other decorations

Cemetery Regulations

·       Fresh cut flowers, artificial flowers, decorations, flags, statues, and vigil lights are permitted year-round.

·       During mowing season, typically April 15th through October 15th, all items will be removed every Wednesday morning and disposed of to facilitate mowing operations.   ~NO EXCEPTIONS~

·       Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and Father’s Day decorations are permitted Friday, after 12:00 p.m., before the holiday and must be removed by the Sunday after the holiday.  ~NO EXCEPTIONS~

·       Cemetery trees and shrubs may not be decorated with any ornament, chimes, or lights of any kind at any time.

·       The cemetery assumes no responsibility for items left on gravesites.

·       Due to the open nature of the grounds, we cannot guarantee against theft, vandalism, or the effects of nature.